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Josh B., Lebanon, PA

Saint Valentines Day Massacre is outstanding! Great flavor beats many microbrews with a high alcohol content that is masked by the flavorful taste. Frankie Yale Hoppy Ale has great spices with an excellent blend of hopps.

Steve B., Lebanon, PA

Backdoor Belgian Bootleg is right on for the style (which is admittedly a broad range). Drinks like a bit of a barleywine. Great head retention. Big, big, BIG malts with more than a hint of sweet alcohol. Maybe some plum and dark brown sugar notes. Very nicely done. I think two would put me on my ass!


Good job on the Hoppy Ale. Really reminds me of Dogfish Head 60. The hops really sit on the middle of the tongue. Not much malt there! Good job on a real hot IPA!

Michael W., Aliquippa, PA

I'm admittedly not a beer aficionado, but I know what I like. After just one careful sniff, sip, and swallow of St. Valentine's Day Massacre, I knew that I had just consumed a beer that would ruin my experience with every other brew in my icebox. It's that good. 

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