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    Evaluating Speakeasy Brews

    Perhaps the most rewarding and difficult aspect of home brewing is the development of the perception of all aspects of flavor, body, aroma and other character which we will conveniently lump into the term "beer evaluating". While taste is of course subjective, it is the most important and definable characteristic. There will be personal preferences like sweetness, bitterness, maltiness, hop character, aroma, spices and additives that will entice and please the palate and taste-buds for any and all imbibers.

    But as you evolve as a beer drinker to an aficionado you must award all the senses and pay attention to all attributes and characteristics of the brew making process. You must develop a refined sense of passion, understanding and willingness to leave your comfort zone. And you must be able to communicate and evaluate the beer on a new level.

    Speakeasy Craft Brew has developed a rating system which assigns points broken down in to several categories as follows: 1 is lowest and 5 is highest.


    Desirable is a hop aroma, malt or grainy smell. Fruity or earthy smells are pleasurable. Off-aromas are undesirable.


    Clarity and color are observed, as is the steady rise of gas bubbles. Desirable qualities of the head are also noted, such as small bubbles and foam "legs" along the glass you drink.


    Maltiness, hoppiness and balance are rated, again depending on the type and style of beer. Off flavors such as sourness, heavy bitterness or after-tastes are undesirable.


    This refers to the carbonation. The beer should have a nice sparkle, a tingle over the tongue, but not a bite. Head retention is also evaluated, with more being required for a full bodied dark beer.


    All of the above factors are considered and blended into an overall judgment of the beer.

    Following these evaluations, the points assigned to each category are added up to form an overall rating for the beer. By using a consistent system for each beer you taste, and by thinking about the separate qualities which together make up the overall taste sensation and beer quality, you?ll be able to become a Speakeasy aficionado.

    Visit Speakeasy for a "Session" Beer.

    The term "session beer" is used by Speakeasy Craft Brews to describe a beer that is easy to drink and can be heavily consumed in one sitting without becoming totally inebriated. You may be ˝ crocked, ˝ baked, 3 sheets to the wind, but never drunk.

    "Session Drinking" is defined as "drinking in large quantities over a single period of time, or session, with or without the intention of getting heavily intoxicated. Unlike binge or college smashed drinking, the focus is on the social aspects of the occasion."  Speakeasy likes to say "Stop over for a session and enjoy a "quaffable," or easy to drink beer." The term "Session Drinking" usually means we are solving the world's problems even if no one is listening or understanding the social imbibing language.

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