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Our beers have a hint of boldness and innocence, like that of a young man seeing his first 1920's bush.

Frankie Yale Hoppy Ale

ABV 7.5%    IBU 100

A honey-colored ale with a brisk malt palate and a hophead nirvana character. It's intensely bodied and creates a hop explosion. It?s got just enough hit, like the Five Points Gang. One taste of Yale Hoppy Ale and you'll be left wanting more, unless you're O'Banion from the North side. Yale Hoppy Ale gives you hop hits like gun fire in a dark alley but has solid alibis. It's as clear as a magnifying glass on a home grown hop plant and ambitious and clever. Yale Hoppy Ale is great on a nice day standing at the grill as the sun sets, the steak sizzles, and the smell of home grown hops sends aromas out across the home turf.

Big House Black IPA

ABV 7.5%    IBU 44

The Big House Black IPA is a prominent offering. Much like its namesake; the Secretary, it is full bodied, surprisingly complex and astute, and slaps the tongue a bit with a heavy-handed multileveled hop cohesion. This offering has loads of contrasts and character, but is remarkably easy-going. It has complex, redeeming and shrewd characteristics. It almost makes it sophisticated or refined. You can tell there are toasty notes with devious complicated layers. An intense, cunning hop addition schedule is executed and it delivers a lifetime sentence. Its crafty, shifty, underhandedness leaves you checking in to make sure it hasn't made an escape from its drinkable synergy. The Big House Black IPA is highly cultured, goes down a little heavy and has a strange psychosis lunacy that leaves you wanting more.

Merkin Red

ABV 5.5%    IBU 28

Merkin Red is a lower bodied red revolution & evolution ale that gets its deep ruby red amber hue from generous amounts of Crystal & Cara Red malts. It's a salute to the peculiar hair piece donned in fields of dreams of yesteryear. The Merkin Red gets its name from the ingenuity of the world's oldest profession having to shave their region. The fedora wearing men of the 1920's were not in favor, nor was it in vogue to have a smooth clam. Flapper gals wore the pubic wig to keep the primal allure present. Merkins were fashioned from fine beaver pelts, hence the term "her beaver". And you'll never see a blonde-haired beaver, thus the male obsession to find a "natural blonde". The Merkin Red is a fornication of wet citrusy hops pumped into the kettle at just the right time and at just the right pace to complete a complex sensory eruption of zests.

It's an amber red-head brew with spirit, attitude, and purpose. Once this ruby red vixen forms a foamy froth around your tall glass you'll taste the carnal sins of the swill. The lady garden ale yeast strains were harvested from a used moose-knuckle toupee and propagated to produce the unique sour, unfiltered diacetyl taste. The Merkin Red finds you gently lapping against a shore of distant forgotten flavors and reminiscing about the spices of past lady cave brews. Never let a cold chill fill your skirt; wear the "down-there hair" to warm the precious lady. The Merkin Red showcases Speakeasy's range and ingenuity. We promise you will enjoy this eccentric gnarly red ale. Dudes and bimbos, you shouldn't be working out without your Merkin out!

Alcatraz Brown

ABV 7.6%    IBU 35

Alcatraz Brown is a cool Cell Block B damp and cold brown ale. It has nice walnut & almond undertones and a biscuit malt aroma. There's no escaping the fact that this beer has a grim past and an enduring future, much like Alcatraz. It's America's premier maximum security taste and the final stop for the nation's most incorrigible beer connoisseurs. Alcatraz Brown is "The Rock" of brown ales and no Warden should be without its iron-clad Penitentiary mysterious flavors. The Alcatraz Brown trademarks are murky, dark, damp, rigid, with distinctive cold disciplines. It delivers a steel shackle tang like no other brown ale. Alcatraz Brown: An inescapable experience.

St. Valentine's Day Massacre

ABV 12.2%    IBU 15

A dark and robust ale that is mahogany red in color and is not a session beer. Any man that has ever been in a fight or competed on the gridiron knows the satisfying feeling of being sore and spent. St. Valentine's Day Massacre has an aggressively creative independence and packs a wallop like a pair of brass knuckles. It's so machine gun loaded it'll line up 7 guys and knock um' down. Its dark red rich tint reminds you of dried blood on a concrete floor. If you're in the Lincoln Park area and you find (2) two police clothed thugs offering you a taste of this beer... pipe down, sit and count your glasses. SVDM is a strong punch beer that leaves you completely satisfied and feeling like you've responded to the call to be a man. This elixir is great after a stressful winter-time work week or an ass-chewing by your boss.

Capone's Infamous Summer Shandy

ABV 4%    IBU 14

A refreshing cloudy pale-yellowed brew that is sweet and effervescent in aroma and flavor. As you enjoy this summer time concoction, your mind wonders to flip flops, sand in your shorts and the squealing giggles of dames down by the water's edge. Capone's Infamous Summer Shandy is designed to be served cold and not to deliver a baseball bat wallop. This beer is made for a hot summer hard working day and bonfire night. The refreshing nature of this beer is in contrast with a night spent in Alcatraz or having a blade lashed across your face. Capone's Infamous Summer Shandy is inspired by "Scarface" Capone. Capone is America's best known gangster and the single greatest symbol of the collapse of law and order in the US during the 1920's Prohibition era. As Capone stated "Prohibition has made nothing but trouble." Then his best quote for us beer-makers, "When I sell liquor, it's called bootlegging; when my patrons serve it on Lake Shore Drive, it's called hospitality". Capone's Infamous Summer Shandy comes with a smile and a gun, and is gimmicky brewed for syphilis free Florida sunny days, and entices every flapper with nice gams, to have a taste.

Hymie Weiss White Wheat

ABV 5.3%    IBU 16

A light bodied refreshing beer with subtle hints of coriander and bitter orange. The beer strikes the mouth with a pleasing array of flavors, and packs some flamboyance, while remaining subtle enough to please the most discerning beer aficionados. This beer has the moxie to compete with Palookas, like its namesake Hymie Weiss. Weiss controlled the North Side of Chicago during the prohibition era. Though outsized by sheer manpower, Weiss was known as the "only man Capone every truly feared!" Like Capone, other Belgian White Wheat's beware! This offering is best enjoyed in a Pilsner Glass with a fresh slice of orange and outdoors. Crisp, complex, and deep flavored. This is a beer for anyone on the lam avoiding the pinch from a recent caper.

The Ignoble 18th Saison

ABV 6.8%    IBU 25

The Ignoble 18th Saison is a summer seasonal "Old World" Belgian style brew with prominent esters and flavors. It pistol whips you with a mixture of pepper and spices that exudes from the traditional Saison yeast. The Ignoble 18th is named after and in utter disgust for the 18th Amendment (Prohibition). It was called the "Noble Experiment", as it banned the production and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The Law backfired liked a jammed Tommy gun, and resulted in the criminalization of producers, suppliers, transporters and consumers. The Law was arbitrary and unnecessary. Prohibition created a black market that competed with the formal US economy. The police, courts and prisons were overwhelmed with new cases. Organized crime increased in power, and corruption ran rampant. The 18th Amendment was repealed by ratification of the 21st Amendment, the only instance in US history of repeal of a constitutional amendment. The Ignoble 18th Saison stands for everything that is good and decent in a well-crafted beer. And it spits in the face of the "Noble Experiment", stating it was Ignoble; or of low character, morally bad; not noble. Here's to never allowing the temperance movement to gain any influence. Cheers Big Ears.

The Enforcer Hefeweizen

ABV 5.5%    IBU 14.5

A South German style of wheat beer. It is unfiltered and cloudy in appearance. It is reminiscent of straw fields at sunset, but hits the pallet like fist to the throat. It is low in hop bitterness and high in carbonation to balance the malty sweetness. It's diversity in taste and color makes it like an old-school Zine. This "yeast-wheat" satisfies and brings joyous chaos. Nitti "The Enforcer" was Capone's most trusted and loyal partner. Like Nitti, "The Enforcer" takes care of any and all dirty little needs and thirst, and leaves no evidence behind. Nitti is the inspiration for Speakeasy's Enforcer Hefeweizen. This beer packs a heavy punch of enticing flavors. It's reckless, yet subdued, with distinctive aromas and a big flavor ranges. Smart and tough, the enforcer is sure to turn you into a loyal fan. "The Enforcer" is perfect for a Tommy-gun shoot out!

Lucky Luciani Light Lager

ABV 3.5%    IBU 13

A light balanced brew that has a clean, crisp, dry taste with subtle hints of bitterness from carefully selected hops. This beer is a celebration beer, enjoyed by the masses. Charles Luciani is the inspiration of this fine elixir. Luciani suffered a beat down in 1929 that no man should have survived. That's how he was tagged "Lucky Luciani." Instead of dying he thrived and came to be regarded by most historians as the "father of modern organized crime." Though small in stature he was tough as nails, shrewd, and smart. Luciani believed in three things: "Tradition, Honor, and Respect." He demanded these in himself and his cohorts, just like Speakeasy Craft Brew demands from this Light Lager. This is a simple brew, honoring the tradition of a well-rounded flavorful imbibe that demands respect from all who try it. The Lucky Luciani Light Lager borrows the tradition of using slow acting yeast and time, to brew sophistication. Luciani's conviction brought organized crime together in unbreakable bonds and the honor of curving your niche'.  May you and your dearest friends and family strive to enjoy the tradition, honor, and respect demanded of Speakeasy's Lucky Luciani Light Lager.

The Belgian Backdoor Bootleg

ABV 8.1%    IBU 18

An illicit inspired Belgian dark ale that is a murky copper brown in appearance. This elixir is inspired by the century-old brewing practices of the Belgian Trappist Monks. It is slightly bitter in taste and has considerable depths. It hides its ABV, so be cautious. The Belgian Backdoor Bootleg treats the palate to husky, robust earthy tones that scream Green-door tradition. This beer is like peering back through the sliding peep-hole of brewing history. The mystique of this beer is masked, like a sole thug in a bank heist. The 3-B's taste is initially harsh with a paradoxically smooth bitterness and finish. This bootleg is not a lower quality version and is border-line illegal, even after the Repeal of the 18th Amendment. At Speakeasy our love is beer, and the primal art & need of social imbibing. That is why we respect those that found a way to enjoy drinking even while it was prohibited in this great country. Speakeasies are one of the truly fascinating results of Prohibition. Entire bars would collapse into a vault at the sign of the Feds. Great engineering and ingenuity went into creating a place to enjoy drinking, while affording a safe passage away from trouble. The Backdoor Bootleg is among the finest Speakeasy has to offer, and you won't be "left holding the bag" with this Real McCoy.

The Nor'Easter

ABV 8.0%    IBU 75

The Nor'Easter is a cold winter arctic air mass of intense flavors and a blizzard storm of hop intensity. It is a low cloud, dark, and cold back-alley cousin to the Yale Hoppy Ale. The Nor'Easter is a winter time low pressure brew that howls with cold filtered hop orgasms. It leaves extreme hop flavored conditions and devastating thirst quenching frontal intensity. The Nor'Easter could last for days or for a week - so it's best you enjoy its collision of hop flavors when you can.

Pistol-Whipped Pumpkin Ale

ABV 8.0%    IBU 26

A big-bodied beer with a pumpkin orange color and enticing aromas of pumpkin pie right out of the oven. This ale will hit you in the mouth with the subtleness of a back-alley raid. In the spirit of the season and era we brew this ale with the intention of delivering a bash that is remembered and oddly enjoyed. Be careful walking the streets after a few of these brews as your pumpkin may get smashed.

Chicago Amnesia Coffee Stout

A well balanced brew that hits you with coffee strength like a lead-pipe to the throat. This beer will make you forget what you saw, who you saw do it or why it was done. The sweet milk chocolate bitterness is both pleasing and alarming. The high ABV and strong taste helps develop a startling loss of memory and allows you to avoid a 6 foot hole, but makes you feel like you're wearing cement shoes. Chicago Amnesia Coffee Stout keeps you from thinking someone should be judged by 12, and avoids you being carried by 6. Chicago Amnesia allows you to enjoy the coffee stout with your future pall-bearers rather than tasting Pennsylvania dirt.

Green Door Winter Lager

A dark-amber colored smooth swing-for-the-fences lager with high viscosity flavors. It is an underground world to the law, and unites the scrutiny of those who seek the unyielding pleasure of a warm brew for the healing of a dame's scathing heart. Green Door Winter Lager is acclaimed for its secrecy and its hidden wonders for those seeking the company of others. Enjoy the wintertime cold-suppressed flavor that lingers like a Johnnie Torrio ambush on Clyde Avenue. Drink gently, and put your head on a swivel to enjoy these secret green door hidden alley-cat suds of honor.

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