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Glenn and Andy explain their passion for Speakeasy Craft Brew.

What got you started in Home Brewing?

Glenn: Our wives told us to find a hobby and we looked at each other and thought "let's make our own beer."

Andy: I really don't think it is what they had in mind. But could you see us stamp collecting, making sock-puppets, playing chess or building bird-houses? We did what we do best.

How did you come up with the name Speakeasy Craft Brew?

Glenn: I've always been intrigued by the gangster life-style of the 1920?s and I always felt like I would have been a great business man back in those times. A Speakeasy represented ingenuity and the spirit of not allowing "the man" to tell you what you could drink. Prohibition spat on the faces of our fore-fathers who created this country on freedoms and choice. I hope we've learned our lesson from those times and never consider something so tyrannical ever again in US History.

Andy: I just came along for the ride on this end... Ended up learning a great deal about the 1920's and prohibition and loved the feel for our product. It fits what we stand for.

What's next or on the horizon?

Glenn: Now we start hand crafting and honing our styles and recipes. Plus we start growing some of our own supplies. This year we are already growing 5 different kinds of hops to use in our beer recipes. Who knows by next year we may be growing wheat, barley and oats and maybe culturing our own yeasts. But this may take some small-scale professional microbiological training.

Andy: Making great beers... That is it... Our goal is and always will be to make something that makes people say "WOW!". If a recipe is not creating this reaction, it is going to be modified until we get there. We enjoy every step of the process of making beer. At the end of the day we have created something to be proud of and share with friends and family.

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